Do Big Brands disappoint you?

What is it about a big brand that disappoints you?

What more do you want from your relationship with a known & respected brand.

I write this blog as a consumer to multiple products & services.

And just like most of us, even I carry great admiration for big/global brands for their commitment to service & standards. Their journey & commitment to their course amazes.

However, my opinion over last few months is undergoing metamorphosis about the efficacy of the commitment to service & delivery.

At least four “Big Brands” failed to even come close to my expectation of service. And most unfortunately my expectations dealt with just the basics, “Attention” &, “Empathy“. It seems these brands were “too busy” to handle exceptions, forgetting that it is this quality that made them special at some point of time.

And I am talking about a bank (whom you trust your money with); mobile operator (a service which is like your toothbrush today); electronics brand and food & beverage service chain (your weekend escape).

This is not to say that they lack systems & processes, but those seem to be paper horses and mere documentation effort. I escalated in all cases and was very “efficiently” stonewalled by layers of “polite” but “ineffective” people.

Look out for these “red flag” symptoms. To pre-empt a situation like mine, figure out if these phrases are being used:

  1. “Sorry that is not possible” (With a tone that suggests –”Don’t ask any further”)
  2. “Even my seniors will tell you the same” (Then why do they exist?)
  3. “This is the company policy” (And not able to explain the logic behind the policy)
  4. “Sorry I cannot share the name and number of my senior, this is confidential” (Are the seniors on a country saving top secret mission?)
  5. Reconfirming address and contact details every time you contact (As if I am a nomad)
  6. Agent keeps talking to you in the language other than you opted at IVR (Why does one ask for language at IVR? Cant there be a standard opening and then switch as per the customer)
  7. Repetitive calls to check is the complaint closed? And when you tell them it is not and there are issues, you are told to call the call centre. (Then why did you call?)

The much touted ‘service culture’ was definitely missing. On reflecting back at the very disappointing interactions that I had thru the recent weeks, I began to feel that these big companies have got the balance all wrong along the way
 When they started out & began to grow, people were the focus. And people made them into the Brands that they are today. Once they grew, the natural focus became processes & systems – these are important to keep service & delivery at a certain standard when the sheer numbers accentuate the variances, if left to people’s discretion.

However, did they forget that its needs people (employees) to interact & build relationships with people (customers)? That the processes & systems that they worked so hard to create & maintain, aren’t what employees serve. Did they forget that systems, processes, policies are only tools. And like all tools need capable & bright individuals, to create the magic – service that wows, service that customers can rely on?

There are millions of stories out there, like mine.

What is it about a big brand that disappoints you? What more do you want from your relationship with a known & respected brand.

Write to me, share your stories.

2 thoughts on “Do Big Brands disappoint you?

  1. Most of the time it happens..The phrase you used – service culture is the perfect word..Profit minded think less of customer satisfaction and more of money but a simple logic says only when you have satisfied customers only then you have long term relations and can listen positive word of mouth.

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