Technology’s Service Edge

Can Technology change the Service Experience or does it only Enable Service?

With today’s fast paced growth and exploding customer base, technology has become an inseparable element for any Service Design in an Organization. And there are plenty of claims of “Technology drives the Customer Service Experience” by various IT companies (hardware & software).

However, I have some experiences contrary to the claims made by these companies. In more than one project & throughout my corporate stint I have experienced that the most intelligent & intuitive technology can fail to meet the needs of an Organization.

There’s more to this disappointment with Technology, than meets the eye. Why does excellent & highly evolved Technology fail to bring about a sea change in the Service Experience that an Organization provides to its Customers?

This typically happens, due to lack of a comprehensive design and a thorough strategy to build & cash-in on the tools that technology can bring. Technology as a tool for Service needs to firstly be designed well, by those who understand the customers’ needs & the service operations thoroughly. It needs the many verticals in an Organization to work in tandem & design requirements, as a single team.

They need to map their Customers’ expectations, the Organization’s policy, processes & gaps, as well as the future roadmap before they establish their Requirement Set.

The selection of the Technology must keep not only features & cost in mind, but also have the necessary expertise & support that will fit well as a partner, to the Organization’s needs. 

Finally the customization made during implementation needs to be detailed well, kept flexible to future proof it & tested thoroughly for accuracy & robustness.

Technology has never “enabled service”…it can only help in meeting the speed to serve & accuracy challenges to a large extent. This will be the result of a well thought through strategy & robust implementation. What enables service is having a “Customer Experience” mindset. It is when everyone in the organization thinks about the nuts & bolts of what makes for great service.

Technology is an effective tool to improve efficiency. It acts as a bridge between Customers, the Organization’s Policies & Processes and the Service Delivery team.

6 thoughts on “Technology’s Service Edge

  1. Interesting comments! Why do CS people see the gap that the technical people don’t? I think the simple solution is to make the technical folks work in customer care for a period of time. Or in retail. That might help them understand that technology can only go so far.

    • “That might help them understand that technology can only go so far……” or technology is only a “Means” or a “Bridge” and not the destination.

  2. I am also in the service department and also agree with Michael that (if you effectively) technology can facilitate customer service. If you think it will answer all your service business needs you are in for a shock!

    • Well said Daryll !! One is really in for a shock thinking tech. is a one-stop fill-it shut-it forget-it kind of a solution. In fact it requires constant hand holding.

  3. This is a great discussion….I am in the service dept and can attest that technology only enhances the customer service experience. The last paragraph says it all….

    • Michael, I feel technology can replicate with great efficiency and some intelligence too, therefore gives the right experience to the customer. However, without constant monitoring technology can become obsolete faster than what we can imagine.

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