Integrating “Knowledge-Learning-Actions”

An organization that values learning never gives in to the temptation for blindly sticking to “business-as-usual” way of thinking and continuously challenges its methods and traditional way of doing things.

Knowledge: Primarily comes from past experiences, benchmarking and the talent pool

Learning: A result of what the organization did or did not do coupled with environmental learning

Actions: What an organization actually does with the knowledge & learning

If you ask me, “Actions” is the area what distinguishes a leader & laggard. A company’s learning agenda generally focuses on being more effective at delivering its products and services. But leading-edge organizations ensure time to action is minimal and therefore a great opportunity to improve all aspects of corporate performance.

Successful companies ensure that the resources they allocate to learning endeavours are taken to the logical end of execution or “Actions”. They also use tools like mystery audits, process audits in addition to the statutory audits to reflect their belief that execution is as important as knowledge & learnings.

Additionally, the companies provide employees with different learning avenues as a way to encourage them to seek knowledge and expand their horizons continually. Such organizations also create environment where employees are encouraged to take personal ownership for their performance.