Does an “Outsider” view help?

Here’s the upfront admission. As a “consultant” I’m bound to answer with a resounding YES!

But on serious reflection – yes, it does help. Why?

  • Added bandwidth
  • Independent view – no ‘babying’ of internal challenges or ‘parenting’ in house policies
  • Lack of agenda – no internal bias or restraint
  • Added perspective – assuming the ‘outsider’ is an expert with plenty of exposure
  • No competing ‘to dos’ on the list – typically the internal team carries the baggage of many jostling priorities

However – always ensure that the ‘outsider’ is tuned to your organization

  • Values & key focus areas
  • A clear & focused brief
  • Plans that are WIP, to prevent them from ‘reinventing’ the wheel
  • Agreement on intent

PS : If I didn’t believe that an outsider expert view is of immense value, when used in a relevant context, I’d have never dared to cross over from the “corporate” to “consultant” tag! I rest my case 🙂

What do you think? Love to hear your views